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Aviation School


Hey, we all dream of a perfect job. Since we were kids imagine that we can become doctors, teachers, pilots, artists, engineers, actors or directors. We thought it would be a good idea if we open an aviation school, here we can prepare the most beautiful and smart people. If you have a few free minutes please stay here with us to learn many beautiful things. Through this aviation school game you will be able to know people, make friends, you will can fly by plane and even become a very popular person. We know you're a smart kid and that's why you'll be able to do everything you need for passengers to have a pleasant flight. You will love this place, you will become our friend. You'll be able to practice your many abilities. The attention is very important in order to avoid all accidents that may occur in an airplane.Instructions that we have prepared for you will help you complete this great mission.Success!- Our school is well known;- At first you have to fix a plane;- You must be very careful at all malfunctions;- Use the right utensils;- Paint the plane;- After you have repaired the plane will have to decorate and clean airport;- Gather all the garbage;- Wash seat;- Clean the dust;- In plane is much work;- You have to do cleaning;- Passengers must be satisfied and you must do everything you can;- Wash windows;- Arrange chairs;- The plane looks very good;- Passengers entered the plane;- They were seated;- Must wear their seat belts;- The plane can take off;- You did a great job.
We're happy because met you, please come back every day through this game with planes.
Have fun!